Congratulations from UnderWire!

This was the title of the email we received a couple days ago before we received clearance to spread the word. As we mentioned before we’ve been extensively submitting into festivals since the completion of the last edit and we will continue to submit until the rules & regulations of film festivals around the world state otherwise! On a more serious note, the UnderWire Festival is the UK’s only short film festival dedicated to showcasing women’s talent in the cinematic arts. Here’s a little more about the festival:

“UnderWire’s founders Gabriella Apicella and Gemma Mitchell launched the festival in 2010 with the belief that women working in the UK film industry needed more encouragement and a bigger platform for their work. The fact remains that women still make up a small proportion of film creatives, and UnderWire looks to recognise the best short work made by women across a range of crafts – from director to cinematographer; screenwriter to editor. UnderWire believes that a more gender balanced industry will benefit everyone by creating a diversity of perspectives, stories and experiences for audiences.”

Soledad’s Cinematographer, Justyna Szyszlo, is currently nominated for the Best Cinematographer Award at the festival which runs 20-24th November and will be hosted by the Ritzy Cinema in Brixton, London. For more information about the festival or the screening time of the film, please visit the festival’s website. We are very excited for this nomination and hope to share this moment with everyone! Thank you very much for all your time and as always this is the latest from, Soledad.


Screening near you!

Private View

As you all know from the previous newsletter, Soledad will be screened at our home university LONDON COLLEGE OF COMMUNICATION before the major private screening at the BAFTA  house in Piccadilly. The screening at LCC will be part of the university’s private summer show to promote this years talent as well as graduating students of the year. As a reminder, the screening will take place this coming Thursday 31st May 2012 from 1800-2100 with a selection of free drinks provided on a first come first serve basis. The image above is the invite REQUIRED for individuals that are not UAL students or alumni in order to enter the private show on Thursday 31st May 2012 from 1800-2100 in the main lecture theatre . You will have great difficulty enter the building without this invitation, therefore, should you have any problems with the printing the image above please contact us immediately so that we may be able to send you the correct link. In addition, previously we had mentioned about the screening happening prior to the 31st May, however, due to the feedback we have received we decided it would be better to keep our focus on the screening of Thursday 31st May 2012 from 1800-2100 instead.


Distributing near you!

Now for the most exciting news! Some of you may have been wondering about receiving a copy of the film. We are pleased to announce that we will be distributing the DVDs on the day of the screening and also ask that individuals be present inorder to sign for their DVD copies. Look for us near at the entrance of the screening room so that we may distribute copies accordingly and promptly.


Sneak Peek

Lastly, we are pleased to release the official press images for the short. After spending several hours going through the images in our photo library, we thought the images below were some of the best images to provide a glimpse of the hard work that took place to create the short. Please feel free to share them to everyone and anyone.

Soledad Press Image

Soledad Press Image 2

Soledad Press Image 3

Hasta Jueves!!

As always we try to provide the latest information about Soledad and her adventures, but if there is anything we’ve missed contact us at and we will get back to you as soon as possible! Thanks again for reading our newsletter and we hope to see everyone at the screening!

Screenings and parties on the horizon

Thank you very much for not deleting this not-so-spam newsletter and taking the time to read the current updates on Soledad . We hope this format will provide a more proficient manner in which to present the latest updates about the distributing division of the project. Thank you once again for reading this wonderful newsletter and welcome to Soledad’s latest. We hope you enjoy!


One of our most exciting updates are the private screenings taking place at our home university LONDON COLLEGE OF COMMUNICATION before the major screening at the BAFTA  house in Piccadilly. The private screening at LCC will be part of the university’s summer show to promote this years talent as well as graduating students of the year and will take place on the Thursday 31st May 2012 from 1800-2100 with a selection of limited free drinks provided. In addidtion to the private screening for the university’s summer show, there are several screenings being planned for the day before (Wednesday 30 May 1800-1930) and the following Saturday 2nd June from 1000-1700. Since we are just finalizing the time slots and in an effort to provide everyone the opportunity to attend the screening, we would love to have some feedback on the availability of everyone in regards to the predicted time slots of the screenings. Please contact us via email at so that we may accomodate if possible.

Such a tease…

Lastly, as promised we have the latest press clip for Soledad and we’re very excited to release it as a taster to the upcoming trailer. We hope this appeases your visual tastebuds and look forward to the next release of press material. Cilck here now to view the teaser.